Classes + Prices

Building up strength, flowing dynamically and being encouraged in taking that one step further is something you will always find in my classes. I like dynamic vinyasa yet you will never find yourself speeding up into 20 sun salutations B and you will never have to do hundred chaturangas. I will try to make you tired but I do not want you to roll your eyes with exhaustion. I want my students to work hard and to be rewarded by tangible progress but I also only want the practice to be only as strong so that it allows them to stay mindful, to focus, to concentrate on the moment and not crawl away after the class (not that it I necessary always a bad thing. My ideal class will very much consist of the things I like to get in my yoga class / practise myself – and I always want to be able to focus and breathe.

Corporate Classes


Have you ever thought what impact can 60 minutes have on the effectivity, energy levels, mood and work efficiency of your employees? I offer corporate classes in Prague.


Make your employees’ work-life balance instantly better by offering them an opportunity to practice yoga at their workplace. My corporate classes are built up to suit all levels of practitioners from complete beginners to dedicated yogis. I understand my corporate clients as I know where they are coming from because I myself have corporate background. With this type of classes, teachers might struggle how to cater for different levels and make class fun for everybody. Varied options are given in my class and the class always only has one major incentive: to make you feel better.


I understand that some of the students might only want to stretch their body in the middle of their busy day and have no yoga background. Others might want to take their practice to the next level and the corporate class in the middle of the week might as well be their only opportunity to do so. I make sure that whatever the goals or levels the students have, they will always be guided through a class that offers progress regardless of their level.


Prices start at CZK 1200 per class. Get in touch to get the offer for your company.



Private Classes


Practice in the comfort of your home or come see me – with attention to detail and enough time to precise the alignment I can help you start off with yoga or build something greater out of your existing practise. To many, yoga class can feel intimidating especially when starting out with yoga. Are you a guy that only wants to go to a class full of beautiful and bendy women after they have become “good at yoga”? Fair enough, I have heard that many times before so – no judgement. Come practice with me. Are you a mom of three and maybe want to work hard “on a good day” (read: you got more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep) but perhaps want to dive into slower, more yin-based practice on a bad day? Great, we will amend, modify.


Prices start at CZK 1200 for a single class but I offer packages with up to 25 % discount of a single class price. First class is on me (reserve here).