„Discipline gives you freedom!“

My name is Lenka, and I’m a yoga teacher based in Prague. I teach dynamic, strength-based vinyasa with a focus on both alignment and helping you to understand the practice as much as on developing strength and advancing your physical abilities. I offer private and corporate yoga classes.

About me


I have a corporate job. I am not vegan. I am a meat/dairy eating, red wine drinking yogi who also loves fashion and extraordinary travels. I discovered yoga during a two-year stint in London and I fell in love with dynamic strength-based vinyasa, the community, challenging but satisfying asanas. I began to get more serious about yoga and started building up more consistent and focused practise taking advantage of all the great teachers the city had to offer. In early 2019, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the internationally renowned vinyasa teacher, Mathieu Boldron.

During my classes, I give students individual feedback, verbal adjustments – my focus is on connecting with each student. To every class I bring an energetic, active approach, with a genuine excitement for yoga and your own yoga practice. And yes – of course – I share with you my perspectives, which I continue to collect around the world. Read more about my yoga journey here.


1) I grew up with four brothers and one of them later became a Dominican monk.

2) I have degrees in marketing and law.

3) My Trip Advisor travel map says I have travelled to 32% of the world (and I am planning on increasing that number steadily) – Raja Ampat, Salar de Uyuni, Galapagos, Jerusalem and Venice are my absolute favourites.

4) I love fashion. Some of my favourite brands are Celine for handbags and All Saints and Max Mara for attire. I also own 30 white dresses (mostly lace) and too many more of different colours.

5) I love animals and wildlife watching when I travel, with the emperor penguin currently occupying my No. 1 favourite animal spot.

„Consistency is the key.“

Building up strength, flowing dynamically and being encouraged to take that one step further – this something you will always find in my classes. I make classes fun and challenging but base them quite a lot on traditional yoga asanas emphasizing staying focused and mindful.

Make your employees’ work-life balance better and increase their effectivity, energy levels, mood and work efficiency by offering them an opportunity to practice yoga at their workplace. My corporate classes are crafted to suit all levels of practitioners, from complete beginners to dedicated yogis. I understand my corporate clients, as I know where they are coming from because I myself – being a practising attorney – have a corporate background.

I am aware that some students might only want to stretch their bodies and others might want to take their practice to the next level. Various options are given, and classes always have one major goal: to let students progress and make them feel better regardless of their level.

Prices start at CZK 1,200 per class. Get in touch to get an offer for your company

Practice in the comfort of your home or come see me – I can help you start with yoga or build something greater out of your existing exercise practice. To many, yoga class can feel intimidating, especially when starting out. Perhaps you’re a guy who really wants to go to a class full of beautiful and bendy women, but not until you feel you’re sufficiently “good at yoga”? Are you a mom of three and maybe want to work hard “on a good day” (read: you got more than two hours of uninterrupted sleep) but perhaps want to dive in more slowly, with a more yin-based practice on a bad day? Great, we will amend, modify as your needs require.

Prices start at CZK 1,200 for a single class, but I offer packages with up to a 25% discount on the single-class price. Contact me to book a class. (First one is on me.)

Monday 18:30 – 20:00 Yoga Movement Prague (English friendly). Book here.

All classes are either in English or English friendly.

Single Class

First class is on me. Want to try another class without committing?

Valid for a month from purchase

10 classes
8 900,-Kč

More than 25 % cheaper than individual classes

Valid for 20 weeks from purchase

5 classes
5 000,-Kč

Short term option that puts a 1000 CZK back to your pocket.

Valid for 10 weeks from purchase

Charity yoga
„Yoga is the ending of disturbances of the mind.“

I am fortunate to be healthy, happy and doing what I love in life. Knowing this is not always the case for everyone I try to connect my ultimate passion with helping a cause that I find immensely important. Two years ago I lost my dear brother (at the age of fourteen) to what might have been a mental illness. He might not have had the information to deal with the darkness, but other young people will – thanks to Nevypusť duši, an NGO that works to raise mental health awareness among teenagers and young adults. Over the last few months thanks to my supporting friends and other people, through teaching yoga and fundraising I was able to raise CZK 66,000 that Nevypusť duši is using for their educational activities. Find out more on www.nevypustdusi.cz or follow me on instagram for future class dates.

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